Estado: Refurbished.
Envío: Maritimo.
Año: 2007.
The Toshiba Aquilion 32 CT machine is a whole body CT scanner built for excellent image quality and fast performance. One of the only systems capable of scanning 2 isotropic slice widths at 32 slices, a refurbished Toshiba Aquilion 32 CT scanner is highly beneficial for advanced cardiac clinical detection, diagnosis and care.


  • Expanded Capabilities.
  • Improved product lifespan.
  • Clinical capabilities.
  • Performance.
  • Uncompromised Value.
  • 0.5 mm x 32 detector rows.
  • Leading Low Contrast Resolution (LCR).
  • Boost 3D.
  • Field upgradability to 64, CX Double Slice Technology.
  • Standard Dual console multi-tasking.
  • Quantum Denoising Software (QDS).
  • Quantum Denoising Software (QDS) reduces noise by adaptively targeting quantum noise in the reconstructed image. QDS applies a combination of smoothing and enhancing filters to an image, reducing quantum noise while maintaining spatial resolution and image texture. QDS is integrated into the imaging chain to automatically maximize dose savings and image quality without any guesswork on part of the user.
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